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Women brutally raped their children at gunpoint, causing widespread protests in Pakistan; identifying the main suspect

LahoreThe special assistant to the prime minister of Pakistan said on Saturday that during the protests and the government’s pressure to hang the perpetrators, the special assistant to the prime minister said that the main suspect of a woman who was gang-raped in front of her three children has been identified.

Police said the woman was allegedly raped by two robbers near the Gujarapura area on Wednesday while she was waiting for help on the road after a car malfunctioned or ran out of fuel.

Medical legal reports also confirmed rape.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant Shahbaz Gill said on Twitter on Saturday: “Congratulations to the Chief Minister of Punjab, the Inspector General of Punjab and the Chief of Police of Lahore, because the DNA of the suspect has been matched. Soon. He will also be arrested.”

The incident aroused strong national protests. Religious groups demand that these criminals be publicly suspended.

Many protests took place in Lahore, Islamabad and other parts of the country, demanding that the government arrest and punish these criminals.

A senior police officer told PTI that the main suspect has been identified as 27-year-old Abid Ali, who is located about 400 kilometers from Lahore. Abbas).

“Abid Ali’s DNA has been matched, and some teams have been sent to arrest him and his accomplices. Ali (Ali) had confronted a woman and her in his residential area as early as 2013. His daughter committed a gang rape. He was arrested but later released in prison. The affected family may have forgiven him,” he said.

The official said that Ali’s accomplices were also identified as Wagarul Hassan from the Sheikhupra area.

The victim had returned from France with three children a few months ago. Her husband lives in Paris.

She said: “They took me and my three children into the bushes nearby and repeatedly raped me in front of the children. They also took away my wallet, which contained about 100,000 rupees in cash, a bracelet, and a car. Registration certificate and three ATM cards.” She declared to the police.

The Tehreek-i-Insaf government in Pakistan is also under tremendous public pressure to remove the newly appointed Lahore police chief Umer Shiekh for “victim humiliation”.

Sheikh once said that the woman should not stay up late with her children.

The leader of the opposition PML-N and former leaders said: “The arrest of the culprit and the most severe punishment is the complete problem of Pakistan. The whole system has been guilty until the perpetrators of this heinous inhumane crime are arrested and punished. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (Nawaz Sharif).

Sharif was declared absconded by the Pakistan Accountability Court in a corruption case in Pakistan this week and has been receiving treatment in London since November 2019.

Quebec President Chowdhury Shujat Hussein of the Pakistan Muslim League requested that the perpetrators be flogged in public.

“Women feel insecure all the time in public places. Single women and single mothers must be valued as much as everyone else. There are many single women traveling between cities, especially between Lahore and Islamabad. On the streets of cities and towns. Government and fully enforce the law.” All Pakistan Women’s Association Dureshawa said.

Human rights activist Farooq Tariq (Farooq Tariq) said that the gang rape case was a slap in the face of the police and the government because it exposed some of the huge flaws in the system.

Minority rights activist Peter Jacob (Peter Jacob) said that this is not only an incident, but a pattern that makes everyone feel insecure.


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