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Without reform, the UN Security Council will become obsolete: G4 countries

New Delhi: The G4 countries called for “urgent reforms” of the UN Security Council to “better reflect contemporary reality” and stated that the highest UN body is in danger of being “outdated”. The Group of Four countries-India, Japan, Germany and Brazil are a group of countries that have been calling for reforms in the UN Security Council.

The countries stated in a stern joint statement: “As part of reforming the Security Council, expanding the Security Council’s components in these two categories is essential to make this institution representative, legitimized and effective… . Face the complex challenges facing the world today on international peace and security issues.”

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It added: “Only if we can reform the Security Council can we prevent it from becoming obsolete… This will keep it credible and provide the political support needed for the peaceful resolution of today’s international crises.” The statement of the Group of Four “expressed disappointment” , Instead of using the Chinese name “attempt to derail… this process”.

So far, there has been no progress in the 10-year-old intergovernmental negotiations (IGN) on the reform of the Security Council. The statement said: “Recent meetings have shown once again that IGN lacks the necessary openness and transparency and is limited by flaws in its working methods.”

The G4 countries stated that the IGN process should follow the working methods stipulated in the UN Charter and the UN General Assembly rules, and time-bound text-based negotiations should be conducted. China has been procrastinating on this issue and recently stated that rushing to start text-based negotiations will not help reach consensus.

The group is also fighting for Africa on the high platform. The joint statement mentioned support for the common position of Africa embodied in the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration. The Ezuwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration require that at least two permanent seats and five to two non-permanent seats should be given to African countries in the UN Security Council.

The statement said: “Africa needs to be represented in the permanent and non-permanent categories of the reformed and enlarged Security Council to correct the historical injustice against the continent.”

The G4 statement was issued a few days after the IBSA grouping. India, Brazil, and South Africa issued similar statements on reforms.


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