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Tennis: Andy Murray calls for more gender-mixed events in major tournaments

Andy Murray, the three-time Grand Slam champion, said tennis matches were “no skill” because there were no more men and women competitions added to the major tournaments.
Currently only playing mixed doubles in the four Grand Slams of the professional tennis tournament.

Murray said: “I think sports is wrong with these things.” Murray participated in the “British Battle” exhibition with male and female athletes as the theme.

Murray added: “For example, the Hopman Cup is an amazing event in my opinion. The players love it. I played there many times and I love it.”

The first men’s ATP Cup men’s team competition won the warm-up seat of the Hopman Cup Australian Open in 2020, but the organizers said they will return to the field.

Murray told the British media: “Tennis matches like Serena Williams and Roger Federer are played on the same court. This is so great for our sport.”

“We can do this in tennis. We should add a little bit more, not necessarily every week, but sometimes it will be great. I hope Rafa (Nadal) is on the court with some top women when I watch Roger The game against Serena felt great. They joined the game and I’m sure they like it too,” he added.

Murray said that other sports have the opportunity to participate in mixed-gender events. He said: “Golf is another sport. I think it’s interesting to see the Ryder Cup mixed event.”

Murray said: “Restarting the sport, they can do it, but just missed a little. I do think people really like to watch it, and the players love it.”


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