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Suresh Raina thanked Punjab police, CM Amarinder Singh, after being arrested in murder of relatives

New Delhi: Former Indian cricket player Suresh Raina (Suresh Raina) On Wednesday (September 16, 2020), thanks to Punjab Police Department and Chief Minister Amarinder Singh (Amarinder Singh) for arresting three criminals who attacked and murdered their relatives in Pathankot (Punjab).

The 33-year-old said that his loss is irreversible, but this will definitely prevent further crimes from happening.

Suresh Raina wrote on Twitter: “In Punjab this morning, I met investigators who reportedly arrested three criminals. I would like to express my sincere thanks to them for all their efforts. We The loss is irreparable, but it will definitely prevent further crimes from happening. Thank you. Punjab police and Captain Amarinder Singh provided all the help.”

Raina leaving Chennai Super King’s IPL team due to “personal reasons” The Punjab police and CM have been asked to investigate the matter on September 1.

“What happened to my family, Punjab is simply terrible. My uncle was killed and my Buah and my two cousins ​​were badly injured. Unfortunately, my cousins ​​also struggled a few times last night. God, it’s dead. My Buah is still very, very vital & is life support. Until now we don’t know what happened that night and who did it. I ask the Punjab police to investigate this matter. . We should at least know who did this abominable act to them. Criminals should not be spared more crimes.”

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh (Amarinder Singh) announced that the assault and murder related to the relative of a cricketer Suresh Raina had passed the arrest of an interstate robber. Three members of the criminal gang were resolved.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Punjab said: “DGP Dinkar Gupta said that there are 11 defendants who have not been arrested and detailed the arrests in the case, which took place in the village of Tharyal in PS Shahpurkandi, Pathankot District on the evening of August 19.”

According to reports, Raina’s uncle contractor Ashok Kumar died on the spot, while his son Kaushal Kumar died of personal injuries on August 31. His wife Asha Rani was critically ill in the hospital. The other two were injured in the attack and have recovered. hospital.

It is worth noting that shortly after the incident, CM ordered the formation of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the IGP Border Range Amritsar, with SSP Pathankot, SP Investigation and DSP Dhar Kalan as its members. Conduct a thorough and prompt investigation.

DGP stated that more than 100 suspects participated in the investigation.

Further investigations are ongoing to apprehend 11 absconds, including one identified, and resolve other robberies related to members of the gang.


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