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Steve Smith is disappointing that IPL 13 will not be held in India

Rajasthan Royal team captain Steve Smith expressed disappointment at the Indian Premier League (IPL) held outside India this year.

The 13th edition of the cash-rich league was postponed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now held in the UAE in September.

IPL chairman Brijesh Patel confirmed last week that this year’s league will be held from September 19 to November 8, and has notified franchisees of these news.

Smith stated that players must adapt to the conditions of the UAE, but this will not be a problem, because according to him, everyone is eager to play and play high-quality cricket after the coronavirus stops the game.

“I think part of becoming a professional cricketer is to adapt to any situation you face. This will be a clear message from the coaching staff,” Smith said via video at the premiere of the Rajasthan Royals documentary “Inside Story” The meeting told reporters. ‘-A three-part documentary series produced by Red Bull Media House-showing the team’s 2019 IPL activities.

“The conditions in Dubai may be similar to what you get in India, or they may be different. This is about adapting to the conditions during the run. Several players have obviously had previous experience in the game. 2014 IPL is there, so many people have played IPL before.

He added: “I think guys will jump out of their skins to play some high-quality cricket. Obviously, it’s disappointing that it’s not in India. We would definitely like to play there.”

Smith also mentioned that considering that some of them have not played international cricket for some time after the COVID-19 interruption, the prospect of entering the championship is somewhat rusty. The Talisman Australian batsman said that at this point, everyone will be in the same boat, so there will be no additional advantage for any team.

Smith said: “Yes, this has always been a challenge. Many players have not played cricket. From this perspective, it will be a fair game.”

“Everyone will prepare the same, which is great. This is an incredible era where people are trying to recover cricket in any way possible.

He added: “Undoubtedly, when IPL is launched, it will be very exciting.”

At the same time, Riyan Parag, the youngest star of the royal family, also talked about the return of IPL. After fighting against Delhi Capitals for half a century, he became a household name last year. In 17 years and 175 days, Parag maintained the record of the youngest player in the 50-year-old IPL.

Parag said: “Pressure exists only when you consider pressure. To be honest, I will not consider all these slogans, no matter what the media or people say.”

He added: “For me, it will be another year. I will start again, not thinking about anything, just doing what the team wants me to do, free to play and show my abilities.”


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