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SBI accused CBI of a loss of 33.852 billion rupees, and CBI sued the company

MumbaiThe Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) stated on Monday (September 14, 2020) that it had filed a complaint against a private company headquartered in Mumbai and other companies including the chairman, directors, etc., in response to the complaint of the State Bank of India (SBI). Registration).

CBI said: “It is said to have caused a loss of approximately Rs 338.52 crore to SBI.”

According to CBI, the private company is said to be manufacturing aluminum foil and using it as a packaging material in the pharmaceutical, food and fast moving consumer goods sectors.

It is also alleged that the defendant conspired with other unidentified persons and submitted forged documents, and also participated in activities such as embezzlement of funds.

A search of the defendant and company’s residences in Mumbai resulted in the recovery of guilty documents.

Further investigation of this case is still continuing.


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