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Satyameva Jayate is back to you: the actress praises Rhea Chakraborty for her “pretending to be sad” in her viral statement video

New Delhi: Two actresses-Krissann Barretto (Krissann Barretto) and Kajol Tyagi-shouted Rhea Chakraborty (Rhea Chakraborty) “pretending to be sad” in a viral video released on Friday. Krissann is a close friend of Sushant, and Kajol collaborates with him in Rhea’s film “Jalebi”. They lashed out at Rhea on the paparazzi post (actress’s video), in which she said with tears in her arms: “I have faith in God and the justice department. I believe that even if there are many terrible things happening, I Justice will also be served. I told me in the electronic media that I avoid commenting on my lawyer’s advice because this matter is biased.

Krissann wrote a lengthy letter, saying: “After he started dating this woman, he was forbidden to keep in touch with any of us! All his friends! His phone number has been changed. We all know! We all tried to get in touch with him but we can’t! His father’s statement said that she didn’t even let him talk to the family! Rhea, yes, facts will be facts and we will make sure! Satyamev Jayate returns to you By your side!”

Krissann’s post was immediately sensational, with a few comments, attacking Rhea, and soon her Kajol called the actress.

“I was crazy about your comment because I commented that I was a member of’Jalebi’, and then I filmed and took photos with her for a few weeks. I remember Rhea showing negative emotions. Literally. I mean Is it in this video that it’s harder for a body language expert to put my hands together? Well, obviously, she is pretending to be sad.”

Sushant’s family registered Rhea with FIR in Patna earlier this week. The Bihar Police Department is currently investigating the case before submitting an international flight report. At the same time, Mumbai police have been investigating deaths since Sushant’s suicide.


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