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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Seamless multitasking arrives on Android

New Delhi: In today’s home office, equipment manufacturers are always looking for products that balance productivity and creativity to optimize their best-selling products. The Samsung Galaxy Tab provided an excellent Android-based experience earlier, but so far lacks a complete software package.

With the Galaxy Tab S7 + LTE equipped with a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display, the company has won awards and met most of the standards of professionals or creative partners, allowing it to perform at its best in work, home or office. Go.

For those who are not on the Apple iPad Pro or not on the iOS ecosystem at all, this new Samsung tag does provide legitimacy for seamless Android navigation in killer features.

The Mystic Black device priced at Rs 79,999 (6GB + 128GB model, up to 1TB via micro-SD card), and with an improved S Pen, eliminates the need for a complete laptop.

how about it? Let us find out.

One of the USPs on the device (supporting 16:10 aspect ratio pictures) is an “audio bookmark” in the Samsung Notes app, which can record interviews, lectures or online meetings while you are writing, and then synchronize the two.

This feature sets it apart from other similar devices ((iPad Pro also has this killer feature, but the pencil makes a little tapping sound when recording audio).

By tapping a sentence, we can easily browse the lengthy recording and automatically jump back to the corresponding audio timestamp.

The device provides good mouse support and seamless integration with external displays.

If you add a fast responsive “book cover keyboard” (price is 17,999 rupees) and a mouse, it will become the best alternative to a laptop, whether you are working at home or in the office.

The improved S Pen is another eye-catching feature, which is a major improvement over the S6 series.

S Pen has a round shape and slender nib, which can provide a natural writing and drawing experience.

Combined with the display’s refresh rate of up to 120Hz, S Pen’s biggest leap in response so far has greatly reduced the delay, allowing us to write with realistic precision and accuracy when taking notes.

For multitasking programs, Galaxy Tab S7 + LTE provides an enhanced multi-activity window.

You can run up to three applications at the same time-make video calls, monitor emails and take notes.

Using the “App Pairing” tool, you can even bundle three apps together to start at the same time to save time.

Tabs running Android 10 also come with edge screens, similar to the features on Galaxy smartphones, allowing quick access to the most commonly used applications.

If you want to find a real PC-like interface on the tabs, please use the improved Samsung DeX and book cover keyboard.

This upgraded keyboard comes with more intuitive function keys, a larger touchpad, and several new angles, so you can write, type, and sketch comfortably when you leave your desk.

The close cooperation between Samsung and Microsoft has also brought huge benefits to watchmaking users. You can quickly synchronize Samsung Notes with Microsoft OneNote and Outlook.

The popular drawing application “Clip Studio Paint” is available on Android tablets for the first time, and it will help digital artists. It will be pre-loaded on the tab (Samsung will also provide 4 months of YouTube premium services for free).

Up to 120Hz refresh rate, let us enjoy smooth game and social media time (AKG’s quad speaker sound is there).

The 10,090mAh battery that supports 45W ultra-fast charging is “smart” and can adjust the power output according to the activity.

Equipped with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connections, the tab is always connected.

Conclusion: This device is by far the best Android experience in the tab, and for multitasking programs, the tab can take its game to a whole new level.

In short: get a computer-like experience on a tablet. In the era of productivity, new form factors appear soon, and the Galaxy Tab S7 + LTE is a refreshing change.


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