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Pentagon hails India’s “positive” role in Afghanistan

New Delhi: The US Department of Defense or the Pentagon believes that India can play a positive role in Afghanistan and has hailed New Delhi as the country’s “largest donor”.

Highlighting the “traditionally” close ties that India has with Afghanistan, the Pentagon said in its Afghanistan report: “The Indian government does not support the Taliban politically and continues to support the Afghan government” and “l ‘India has reiterated its support for an Afghan-led government. ” , Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled peace process. “

On the issue of countering terrorism, the Pentagon report said: “India is working with regional state actors, the Afghan government and Afghan energy brokers to prevent transnational terrorist terrorist havens and maintain access to ‘Afghanistan as a gateway to the markets of Central Asia’.

With USD 3 billion, India has been the largest regional donor to Afghanistan since 2001. Indian aid to Afghanistan mainly focuses on four main categories: humanitarian aid, large infrastructure projects, small community projects and education and capacity building.

But the report warned, “A significant deterioration in security conditions in Afghanistan, however, could affect India’s ability to provide aid.”

India has built the Afghan Parliament, India’s Afghan friendship barrier in Herat province, and has provided scholarships to Afghan students.

To increase connectivity, India started the India-Afghanistan air corridor and via Chabahar provided connectivity via Iran. India has also committed to undertake 116 high-impact community development projects in 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

These major investments will concern education, health, agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, renewable energies, flood control, micro-hydro, sports and administrative infrastructure.


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