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New floods in four areas of Assam affected more than 34,000 people and killed 1

GuwahatiAssam State Disaster Management Agency (ASDMA) officials said on Monday that more than a month later, new floods in four areas of Assam had killed one person and affected 34,000 people.

A man drowned in the Jia Bharali river in the Biswanath area.

ASDMA officials said that as many as 34,000 people in 109 villages in Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Biswanath and Chirang districts in eastern Assam were affected.

In addition to low-lying areas, floods caused by continuous rainfall in the past few days have inundated 4,200 hectares of farmland.

As in previous years, Assam witnessed devastating floods until the first week of August. Since May 22, a total of 113 people have been killed in 22 districts and another 26 have been killed in landslides. .

Although the monsoon rains have eased, 5.7 million people in 5,378 villages in 30 of the 33 regions of the state were affected, but the situation improved significantly in the first week of August.

A six-member central team led by Sandeep Poundrik, Joint Secretary (Mitigation) of the National Disaster Management Agency, visited Assam last month and assessed the damage caused by the flood. Killed domestic and wild animals in various protected areas and national parks, including the world-famous Kaziranga National Park, where 18 rhinos and 135 wild animals died due to flooding.


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