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Music director Ilaiyaraaja’s recording studio equipment, musical instrument damaged; filed a complaint

Chennai: Senior music director Ilaiyaraaja filed a complaint with Chennai police, claiming that his personal belongings, musical instruments and composition notes (many items kept in his private studio) were recently damaged. The damage was allegedly caused by the heirs of the studio owners and their associates during the lockdown period.

Ilaiyaraaja is a 77-year-old musician. Since 1976, he has composed music for more than 1,300 films in India and over 7,000 songs in several languages.

The kit does not belong to Ilaiyaraaja, but the music director claims that it was handed over to him by its original owner and the late film character LV Prasad. “Mr. LVPrasad provided me with and provided the entire block of the above-mentioned recording theater 1 in 1977 to show respect for my work in the film industry, and also considered his project. The late Shili. LV Prasad has already A specific area and a room are specifically designated, and I am allowed to own, enjoy and use the property with my own property without any barriers with locks and keys.” Ilaiyaraaja said in his complaint.

Ilaiyaraaja claimed that he had used the facility for nearly 25 years after the death of its original owner (LV Prasad), and this was done with the knowledge and approval of the heir (Ramesh Prasad). However, the so-called problems did not begin until the original owner’s grandson (Sai ​​Prasad) took over the property.

The complaint stated that in September 2019, Sai Prasad and his accomplices illegally threatened to cut off water, electricity and other facilities, and at the same time forcibly entered with his followers, and attempted to deprive Ilaiyaraaja of his premises.

“I declare that after the above-mentioned defendant made an unlawful threat, I have immediately filed a lawsuit in Oregon, the United States. The Civil Court of Hon’ble City, under Law No. 7315 of 2019, required Chennai to impose a permanent injunction. Sai Prasad and others, their men, etc., interfered in any way with my peaceful possession and use of the premises of the lawsuit. The lawsuit is still pending.

The complaint further pointed out that during the Covid-19 lockdown period, Ilaiayaraaja’s private room contained valuable composition notes, several musical instruments and personal belongings, which were opened.

“Using this cover of the COVID pandemic, Sai Prasad and his subordinates have begun to destroy/dismantle/tamper with my musical instruments/notes. All my precious composition notes are lying there, and I have reliable information that they are on the black market. Shanghai secretly sold a huge sum of money. “This is tantamount to robbery and theft. “Ilaiyaraaja said.

The complainant requested immediate action to ensure that his valuable property was not damaged, destroyed or sold.


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