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M&M appoints Nisaba Godrej as new director for a term of 5 years

New Delhi: Mahindra and Mahindra’s board of directors announced at a meeting held on Friday that the company has approved the appointment of Nisaba Godrej and Muthiah Murugappan as the other directors (independent and non-executive) of the company’s board of directors starting August 8, 2020.

The company stated in the regulatory document that the board of directors has “approved the appointment of Nisaba Godrej as an additional director (independent non-executive director) of the company’s board of directors. He will serve on August 8, 2020 until the date of the company’s annual general meeting. Approved by the members of the annual general meeting of shareholders, as an independent director for 5 consecutive years (five consecutive years) starting from August 8. From 2020 to August 7, 2025 (both dates inclusive).”

Nisaba Godrej is the Chairman and Managing Director of Godrej Consumer Products Co., Ltd. (GCPL).

For the past ten years, she has been a key designer of GCPL strategy and transformation. M&M said that she initiated and led the Leapfrog project in 2007, which wrote a script for GCPL, aimed at accelerating domestic organic growth through innovation and integration, and becoming a more global company by investing in emerging markets outside of India. The company.


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