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Manish Singh printed his name on the list of India’s elite digital entrepreneurs

Experts in personal branding, digital marketing, content creation, software development and social media marketing have brought more than $2 million in profits to his 20-year-old business empire.

The more we talk about how young people leave their unique mark in the digital marketing industry, the less talk about them seems. This is because all these young talents have surpassed the conventional business structure and surpassed everyone else in the industry with their creativity and exemplary skills. Manish Singh from Bihar (Muzaffarpur) topped the list and surpassed his limit by printing his name on the list of the elite digital marketing entrepreneurs in India, thus gaining a global presence The internal reputation starts from name.

Manish Singh founded his first company at the age of 18, called ZZED Media and Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is India’s youngest digital entrepreneur and youngest millionaire. With his superb skills in technology and digital marketing, he brought a revolution in digital entrepreneurship. By 2020, he owns 4 companies named ZZED Group of Companies. His business expanded to Western countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

The hopes and beliefs of the 20-year-old entrepreneur have helped him open up his niche in the digital world and become an inspirational role model for many other young people like him. Combining his creativity and innovative talents in digital marketing with his love and enthusiasm for work provides Singer with a personal path to success, allowing him to create more successful feats in his life. Singer was born and grew up in a middle-class family, and is committed to improving their status in society. Therefore, when Singer realized that his ideas in the digital world can bring huge profits to others and himself, he decided to start a business .

In just a few years, Singh drew success charts for all customers and helped them transform from ordinary names in the industry to extraordinary names and brands. And his series of digital marketing strategies, including innovative plans, strategies, techniques, and potential customer strategies

A generation, social media marketing campaigns, plans to increase brand value and visibility, and many other innovative and unique strategies have always put Singer far ahead of the competition.

Becoming India’s youngest millionaire entrepreneur, Manish Singh (Manish Singh) manages his huge empire in many companies today in the form of ZZED Group of Companies. Singh is the company’s chief executive officer. Officer and founder. His empire has shown its vast strength in companies such as ZZED Digital, ZZED News, ZZED Corporations and ZZED Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd. As Singh developed it from scratch into an empire, the empire has become large and profitable. The turnover exceeds 2 million US dollars.

Whether it is to bring more traffic to customers, entrepreneurs, brands and companies, or to propose novel content to attract more people, Manish Singh’s company ZZED Media will not impress anyone.

In his next project, Manish Singh hopes to change the dynamics of traditional education courses and provide a more functional education system in the digital space of young people. His wish is also to build a digital university for emerging entrepreneurs, who can work hard and, like Singh, strive to create a name under 25.

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