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Italian police seizes medicine price $1.12 billion, world’s largest bust

Rome: Italy Police have confiscated 14 metric tonnes (15.four US tonnes) of amphetamines allegedly produced by the ISIS in Syria. It is the biggest drug bust on this planet by way of each worth and amount, CNN reported.

According to the Guardia di Finanza monetary police as saying that the officers had tracked three suspicious containers to the port of Salerno in southwest Italy and located 84 million capsules with a market worth of EUR 1 billion ($1.12 billion) inside paper cylinders for industrial use.

“We weren`t able to see them but we knew it was arriving because of our ongoing investigations we have with the Camorra (Italian organized crime group)…We intercepted phone calls and members, so we knew what to expect,” Commander Domenico Napolitano, head of the monetary police for town of Naples, was quoted as saying.

According to the police report, the capsules had been marked with `Captagon` brand, which “distinguishes the `drug of Jihad`.

“According to the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration), ISIS makes wide use of these drugs in all the territories over which it exerts influence and controls its sale.”

“It is known that ISIS/Daesh finances its terrorist activities in large part with the trafficking of synthetic drugs produced largely in Syria, which has become the leading world producer of amphetamines in recent years,” the police was quoted.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Gabriele Failla, head of the monetary police in Naples and the encompassing province, was quoted as saying that a lot of felony teams are more likely to be behind this large cargo as traffickers don`t ship medicine on this quantity directly.

“This is remarkable evidence of the `nexus` between terror financing and organized crime interests,” he added.

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