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Idris Elba confirms “Luther” movie

Los Angeles: British star Idris Elba confirmed that a film version of his popular detective series “Luther” is in production.

In the series of films created by Neil Cross, Elba is seen as DCI John Luther. He is a genius detective and talented in solving murders, but his mind It does not always protect him from the impact of passion. The show ended its five seasons of performances in 2019.

Elba said: “I have always wanted to see it appear in the movie, and this is what I think we are moving in the direction of the movie. I look forward to doing this. It is happening.”

According to, after receiving the BAFTA Special Award of the Viking Media BAFTA TV Awards, he shared the news in a speech in the press.

This London-born star is recognized by BAFTA for his superb skills and pursuit of diversity and new talents.

“For movies, the sky is the limit. You can make the storyline bolder. And (can) be more international and can be scaled up. But John Luther will always become John Luther.” He added .

Elba also shared his desire to conduct and write and perform.

He said that in his own production company, he has “steadily produced for about five years. I like it. It is a very slow thing. You cultivate the land very slowly, but it is indeed satisfactory.”

He added: “I like acting and I hope to win the actor award one day.”

When asked about defending new talents, Elba said: “We are all responsible, everyone is responsible, everyone has to teach one and give others a chance. If someone thinks I am not talented, I will not It will be here. You must pay in advance.”


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