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How the Samsung Galaxy M51 became the clear winner of the most despicable monster ever!

Samsung’s smartphones, Galaxy M51Of course, for all the right reasons, its flagship product M series has become the topic of the technology town. Recently, this smart phone won the title of Everest Monster Ever with its long-lasting battery life, top-of-the-line sAMOLED Infinity-O display and industry-leading 64MP Quad camera.

We will take a closer look at the undisputed clear winner that made the Samsung Galaxy M51 the most despicable monster ever. continue reading!

Welcome to India’s first ever 7000mAh battery

With its industry-first 7000mAh battery and built-in 25W USB Type C fast charger, the Samsung Galaxy M51 completely got rid of the predicament, ensuring that the power of the device can be increased from zero to 100% in less than two hours. There is no doubt that a huge 7000mAh battery means that you can simply leave the trouble of charging out of the window, because the Galaxy M51 has the ability to maintain up to 64 hours of talk time with you, up to 24 hours of Internet usage, and 34 hours of video playback time and 182 hours of music playback time-all for a fee! Let’s take a break.

If the 7000mAh battery is not enough to declare the Galaxy M51 the despicable monster in town, then let us tell you that the smartphone facilitates reverse charging and comes with a Type C to Type C cable.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G-the most despicable processor ever!

Something under the hood ensures Galaxy M51 It is a Snapdragon 730G chip with an eight-core CPU, operating at 2.2 GHz, and using an 8-nanometer process to ensure longer battery life while improving performance.

more importantly? The smartphone is available in two versions-6 + 128GB and 8 + 128GB, with up to 512GB of expandable memory to deal with all storage issues. But this is not! Galaxy M51 is installed in fast LPDDR4x energy-saving RAM, which significantly improves data transmission speed with lower power consumption.

Thanks to the Adreno 618 GPU with AI Game Booster, the Galaxy M51 takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. The game provides a smooth experience with faster graphics rendering and extremely high energy efficiency support.

Provides the despicable catch ever

The Samsung Galaxy M51 has a quad rear camera setup, which includes India’s leading 64MP quad camera, and a Sony IMX682 sensor with f/1.8 aperture and 0.8 um pixel size, ensuring you cherish every aspect of life in the picture frame. In addition to the 64MP main camera, the quad setting also includes a 5MP depth, a 12MP ultra-widescreen with a 123-degree field of view, and a 5MP macro camera for close-up close-ups. In order to take the most selfie photos, the smart phone and SONY IMX616 SENSOR are installed in the 32MP front camera.

We heard that you can use the latest Galaxy M series camera software technology-single shot mode to capture the vividness of life and nature.

Take a video and take a still image in one shot-just press a button to complete all operations at once.

A single shot can provide up to 10 outputs, of which 6 are static outputs and 3 are video outputs. The six static outputs agitated by a single shot include-original images taken with a powerful 64MP lens Sony IMX 682 sensor, “best moment selection” detected by AI, still images using Samsung camera filters, black and white images , An AI Smart Crop photo, a single photo.

For video, single shot mode can provide original video with Hyperlapse and Boomerang Video. FYI, Galaxy M51 is fully equipped and can produce amazing super delay even at night!

For still images, single-shot mode can create excellent photos, thanks to 99 custom filters, smart cropping, AI selection of the best moments and wide-angle photos.

Adding the last cherry at the end is the “Night Mode”, which can capture beautiful low light without affecting the picture quality. The low aperture is a great contribution.

Display and design kill

Samsung Galaxy M51 It has a 6.7-inch full HD + Super AMOLED + Infinity-O display. There is a punch hole in the top center, which houses a 32MP selfie camera. The device is very smooth, slim and light. In fact, we heard that its display is as much as 13% thinner than most sAMOLED panels, and although it can hold a 7000mAh large-capacity battery, the smartphone weighs only 213 grams. Now, this is what we mean and impressive! Smartphones are winners from the inside out.

Internally, it runs on Android 10 and provides an immersive experience of OneUI; externally, the Galaxy M51 has a top-level appearance and offers two stunning colors-sky blue and blue.

Uncompromising security

Samsung Galaxy M51 helps face and fingerprint unlock system. In fact, the “side fingerprint” can unlock the device in about 21 seconds, and the “quick face unlock” can ensure you get up in about 77 seconds.

The despicable entertainer in town

Galaxy M51 has Widevine L1 certification, which can provide you with a comprehensive blockbuster experience, streaming HD content from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, immersive Dolby ATMOS with headphones, and music sharing with your friends on connected Bluetooth speakers Start.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 will be available on from 12 noon on September 18. Equipment is priced The price of the 6+128GB version is INR 24,999, and the price of the 8+128GB version is INR 26,999.

As for the discount, we heard that there will be a limited introductory release discount on from September 18th to 20th. Customers using HDFC credit and debit cards will receive an instant cash back of up to 2,000 Indian rupees in EMI and non-EMI transactions when purchasing the Galaxy M51. In addition, customers can get discounts of up to 18,000 Indian rupees on the exchange, as well as full protection of Samsung M51, for less than 5 Indian rupees per day. Click here to learn more.

We have clicked the “notify me” button on and can’t wait to use this great device. And why not? Samsung Galaxy M51 All the right boxes have been ticked-incredible battery, stunning appearance, kickass camera and amazing performance. We think the Galaxy M51 is worthy of the title-the most despicable monster ever, and rumors continue, we think it will maintain the title for the next few years. more details, click here.


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