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EC will decide to visit Bihar in the next two or three days: CEC Sunil Arora

The Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of India (CEC) Sunil Arora said on Monday that the Election Commission of India (ECI) made it clear that it will make a decision to visit Bihar in the next two to three days.

CEC said in an international webinar on “Issues, Challenges and Agreements for Election During COVID-19: Sharing National Experiences” that the committee will do it “in the next two to three days of visiting Bihar” Make a decision.

The European Community clarified: “The timetable for the committee’s visit to Bihar is not related to the date of the announcement of the Congressional poll.” According to the official release of ECI, Arora mentioned that the total number of voters is 72.9 million when commenting on the size of the upcoming Bihar Legislative Assembly elections.

He emphasized how the COVID-19 emergency and social distancing measures need to revisit ECI’s existing description. Arora said: “The maximum number of voters in a polling station has decreased from 1,500 to 1,000. Therefore, the number of polling stations has increased from 65,000 to 100,000, an increase of 40%. These changes have a great impact on logistics and manpower. “

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CEC also observed that ECI has “focused on expanding facilitation for the elderly, women, the disabled and under current circumstances to ensure that COVID-19 active voters and quarantine personnel enjoy privileges”.

In this case, CEC mentioned how to expand the postal voting facilities to 15 years old, starting from the Jharkhand parliamentary elections held from November to December 2019 and the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections to be held in February 2020. Voters. 80-year-old disabled persons and those engaged in specific basic services.

He said: “This function of mailing ballots has been extended to COVID-19 positive voters who are in isolation or hospitalization.”

Arora referred to specific and detailed guidelines for elections during COVID-19. He also mentioned the process of the successful election of 18 Rajaya Senate seats in June 2020. It is scheduled to settle in West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu in the first half of 2021.

Arora emphasized the commitment of the World Electoral Management Body (EMB) to free, fair, timely and participatory voting to strengthen democratic institutions. CEC Sunil Arora emphasized the commitment of the World Electoral Management Body (EMB) to conduct timely, free, fair and participatory elections to promote world democracy.

He recalled that the former US President Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) referred to democratic countries as the people’s government, the people and the people’s government. “ECI said in a statement. In the shadow of COVID-19, elections must not only be free and fair, but must also ensure the safety of voters, opinion poll officials and security personnel. Speeches from different countries showed that the election The comprehensive preparation required before, during and after. The final consideration is to ensure that voters feel safe during the COVID-19 vote.”

More than 120 representatives from 45 countries/regions participated in the webinar. The World Association of Electoral Bodies (A-WEB) is the world’s largest association of election management bodies (EMB). Currently, A-WEB has 115 EMBs members and 16 regional associations/organizations as associate members. Since 2011-12, ECI has been closely related to the formation process of A-WEB.


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