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Donald Trump and Joe Biden will clash in the Supreme Court with five other topics in the first debate

Organizers of the first face-to-face election debate said on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden will quarrel for 90 minutes between the Supreme Court, the coronavirus, voting integrity, and “race and violence in our city” . The Presidential Debate Committee said in a statement that Trump and Biden will discuss each of these four themes on September 29 and discuss the economy and its past performance in six sections that were originally scheduled to last 15 minutes. recording.

This will be the first debate of a presidential election season, and the pandemic was overthrown by a pandemic. The pandemic complicated plans to hold face-to-face voting, killing 200,000 Americans and leaving millions of people unemployed. At the same time, the Supreme Court vacancy caused by the death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday has quickly become the focus of the campaign and is expected to sweep voters on both sides with a 6-3 conservative majority.

The topic was chosen by the host of the debate, Fox News host Chris Wallace. The competition will be the first face-to-face debate of candidates. Before the November 3 general election, some states are already conducting early voting.

The debate organizer said that the purpose of this format is to “encourage in-depth discussion of the main issues facing the country.” He added that as the news develops, the theme may change. Due to the pandemic, Trump and Biden will face a limited audience, but it is expected to attract millions of viewers to watch TV commercials for free.

Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic held a debate on a shared campus in Cleveland. Trump and Biden will hold two more debates from October 15 to 22.


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