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Did the woman in Uttar Pradesh really receive 1 crore from her bank account?

New Delhi: According to media reports, after Zee News conducted an investigation, a woman in Uttar Pradesh received a payment of Rs 1 crore in her bank account, which has dropped. Reports on social media reported that a woman named Saroi in the Baria area of ​​Uttar Pradesh had received 10 crore rupees from her Allahabad bank account. After that, she filed with the police. Complaint.

Zee News did not shoot, but found that it was actually a fraudulent transaction of 1.7 million rupees, which was reflected in Saroj’s bank account.

Then, Saroj went to the bank officer to find out about her bank balance. After that, the bank employee informed her that the account had been restricted to a maximum transaction amount of 100 million rupees. This was because she had heard it wrong and thought she had 10 million rupees in her account. . .

Then, she filed a complaint with the police, and the case was investigated. Saroj from Rukunpura village in Bansdih said that the bank employee told her that she had Rs 1 crore in her account and she had no information about the money.

In the complaint, Saroy stated that she had provided her bank account details and ATM card to a person named Neelesh Kumar in Kanpur in 2018, and he told her that he would deposit a certain amount in her account. The amount of money.

Further investigation by the police revealed that the transactions reflected in the Saroy bank account were illegal transactions.

The incident can be traced back to February 2020, when Faridabad police had received complaints about illegal transactions. Subsequent investigations revealed that the fraudulent money had been credited to Saroj’s account.

Subsequently, the Faridabad police instructed Allahabad Bank to hold her account, after which the bank limited the maximum transaction value of its account to 100 million rupees.

The bank told Zee News that her account was opened in 2018 and currently has 5,000 rupees. So far, the total transaction volume is 1.7 million rupees. The bank further stated that it had restricted her account to 100 million rupees and that she might have misheard the information that her account had 100 million rupees.

Therefore, media reports that the woman received Rs 1 crore in her account were completely wrong.


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