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Cristiano Ronaldo ends second in Serie A

Juventus striker forward Cristiano Ronaldo announced that he will not participate in the team’s Serie A final, so he dreams of winning the Golden Boot on Saturday.

The recently crowned league champion Juventus will face Roma in the final game of the season, and the Turin giants announced their social media lineup, which does not include Ronaldo.

This means Ronaldo will end the season with 31 goals, 4 goals behind Lazio’s Ciro Immobile, who has the opportunity to continue to lead in the final against Naples.

Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri (Maurizio Sarri) has hinted that Ronalddo (Ronalddo) will participate in the final and will focus on their second leg of the Champions League against Lyon in the 16th round.

“We will evaluate [who will play] Surrey told reporters on the website on Friday: “Today and tomorrow morning, depending on who needs to rest and who is suitable for the game, the mentality between tomorrow and next Friday will be very different. We need to be good at recycling everything. Possible energy.

“Let’s see how Cristiano feels about tomorrow (Saturday). He is one of the best players of the season.”

At the same time, Immobile also tops the European rankings because none of the four major leagues has scored as high this season. Robert Lewandowski scored 34 goals in the Bundesliga, while Jamie Vardy and Lionel Messi played in the Premier League and La Riga. Scored 23 and 25 goals respectively.


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