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Chinese special envoy Liu Xiaoming “likes” pornographic videos, Beijing demands investigations into hacker allegations

New Delhi: China has requested an investigation into the hacking of its official Twitter account claiming to be an ambassador.

The Twitter account of China’s special envoy to the UK Liu Xiaoming showed a “like” to a pornographic post on Wednesday.

It caused an uproar on the Internet, and several users commented and reacted to the video before it was taken down.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK issued a statement stating that the ambassador’s Twitter account was hacked by malicious anti-Chinese elements.

A statement on the embassy’s website said: “Some anti-China elements viciously attacked Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s Twitter account and used despicable methods to deceive the public.”

Furthermore, the matter has been reported to Twitter and the social media giants are required to “seriously” handle the matter and thoroughly investigate the matter.

It said: “The embassy reserves the right to take further action and hopes that the public will not believe or spread such rumors.”

Liu’s Twitter account has more than 85,000 followers. He is one of China’s most outspoken ambassadors, and often conducts very active interviews to protect Beijing’s actions and policies.

China has officially banned Twitter and pornography, but Chinese diplomats often use their Twitter accounts to push China’s agenda.

So far, Twitter has not commented on the matter.


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