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Chennai airport customs confiscates Rs 3 lakh Red Buli ecstasy pills

CHENNAI: The Chennai customs authorities confiscated ecstasy pills “Red Buli” from the Netherlands worth 3 billion rupees on Thursday, which were hidden in a foreign postal parcel.

Based on information, Chennai Air Customs arrested a postal package suspected of containing narcotics that had arrived at Chennai’s Foreign Post from the Netherlands.

The package was found to contain pink-colored pills suspected of being an anesthetic, MDMA. A total of 100 MDMA pills worth Rs. 3 lakhs were recovered and confiscated under the 1985 NDPS Act.

These hexagonal pills are commonly known as “red buli”. They have a “Bull” stamp on one side and contain about 250 mg MDMA, which is a very high dose.

In February 2020, a man died and a woman became seriously ill after taking this Red Buli MDMA pill in Warwickshire, England.

The package was for a residential area in Ambattur, Chennai City. When the place was reached, it was found that the address was incomplete and research was being carried out, and it was found that there was no one living with the recipient’s name. Efforts are being made to arrest the accused.

Rajan Chaudhary, Commissioner for Customs at Chennai International Airport, said further information and said, “Further investigations in this regard are ongoing.”


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