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British Airways warns of unemployment, ExpressJet’s fate is doubtful

Washington: Spirit Airlines has warned as many as 30% of its employees that they will lose their jobs in October, while regional carrier ExpressJet has been questioned after losing an important contract because the virus pandemic continues to hit the aviation industry.

Spirit is the latest airline to issue a layoff warning to employees, which is required by federal law 60 days before mass layoffs.

The Miramar, Florida-based budget airline said it told the union that 20% to 30% of its pilots, flight attendants and other groups will be on vacation in October.

The airline did not provide a phone number. There were 9,100 employees at the beginning of the year. Spirit expressed the hope that work will eventually resume.

In early July, United Airlines issued a layoff warning for 36,000 employees, and this week warned that pilots might lose their jobs this year and next.

American Airlines notified 25,000 workers that they may be on vacation in October, at which time billions of federal funds will be used to pay wages and will be terminated.

Airlines are cutting costs, obtaining federal assistance, and borrowing money in the private credit market to weather the US air travel downturn that reached 95% in April.

In recent weeks, due to the recurrence of COVID-19 cases reported in many states, hopes for recovery have dimmed, which ended two months of air travel growth.

The layoffs now threaten another small American airline. After United Airlines abandoned its contract with ExpressJet and merged its United Express business into its subsidiary CommutAir, ExpressJet’s survival was questioned. Manchester United spokesman Charles Hobart said the change will continue for several months.

ExpressJet spokesperson Gary Cambre (Gary Cambre) said the airline expects to continue normal operations for the rest of the year.

Now, we will explore all the options for the company in 2021. He said in an email statement.

ExpressJet’s regional airline association said the Atlanta-based airline’s announcement reflects the double-edged sword that regional airlines have encountered during the pandemic. “

The trade group is lobbying to expand the scope of federal assistance to help airlines pay their salary costs, which will expire in October.

The organization said: “For ExpressJet, it may be too late.”

After major airline partners reduced regional flights due to the pandemic, Interstate Airlines and Compass Airlines closed earlier this year. Ravn Air in Alaska also stopped flying.


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