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Bihar extends the embargo until August 16 and suspends transportation services; the curfew continues: check details

The Bihar government extended the lock-up period on Thursday and issued guidelines to allow and restrict activities in the state until August 16. Containment area.

According to MHA, the process of reopening activities in stages has been further expanded in the third unlock, which will take effect on August 1. However, the lockdown of the containment area will continue to be strictly enforced.

In Bihar, the curfew will last from 10 pm to 5 am. All transportation services will be suspended, with a few exceptions. It is recommended that most central and state government agencies and private agencies exercise 50% of their power.

Guidelines for imposing further restrictions were issued:

l. These additional restrictions will remain in effect at state headquarters, regional headquarters, district headquarters, headquarters buildings, and all municipal areas in Mississippi
Bihar (Bihar) State, from 01.08.2020 to 16.08.2020.

2. Offices of the Indian government and state governments and their autonomous/subordinate offices and public companies
Except for the following exceptions, you should work with 50% of employees.

Exception:-These offices can be fully operational

Central Government:-National Defense, Central Armed Police Force, Treasury, Public Utilities (including oil, compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, Papua New Guinea), disaster management, power generation and transmission department, post office, national informatics center, early warning agency.

State Government:-
One. Police, home guard, civil defense, fire and emergency
Services, disaster management, elections and prisons.
b. Regional administration and warehouse and IT
Services/video conferencing support
C. Electricity, water supply, sanitation, health, food and civil supply, water resources, agriculture, animal husbandry
d. Municipal agency
e. Offices and institutions under the department
Environment and Forest
F. Offices and institutions under the Ministry of Social Welfare.
G. The state legislature and its subordinate agencies, the state legislature meeting

Note:-Offices related to judicial work will operate in accordance with the guidelines issued by the administrative department of the Patna High Court

3. Public and private sector hospitals and all related medical institutions, including their manufacturing and distribution departments, such as pharmacies, pharmacies and medical equipment stores, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, ambulances, etc., will continue to operate. All medical staff, nurses, medical staff and other hospital support services should be allowed to transport. This regulation also applies to veterinary services and establishments.
4. Allow private offices to operate at 50% strength
5. Except for the following exceptions, all commercial and private organizations are allowed to operate normally:
One. Large shopping malls will not open.
b. Restaurants/dabas/restaurants only allow home delivery/take-out service
C. Shops and markets will operate under necessary restrictions.

6 All transportation services will be suspended.

One. According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Railways, aviation and rail transport will continue to play a role.
b. Taxis, auto rickshaws, etc. are allowed in Bihar
C. The permitted activities mentioned in the order are permitted on private cars in Bihar
d. There will be no restrictions on the transportation of goods, including loading and unloading goods in warehouses.
e. All government vehicles and private vehicles carrying government personnel will be allowed to commute on their office I card.
F. All basic service providers will only be able to commute from home.

7. Allow all construction-related activities and the operation of construction-related shops

8. Allow all activities related to agriculture and the operation of shops related to agriculture

9. All education, training, research, coaching institutions, etc. should remain closed. Online/distance learning should continue to be allowed and encouraged.

10. All places of worship should be closed to the public. Without exception, no religious congregation is allowed.

11. The collection and opening of all social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious activities/parks and gymnasiums is prohibited.

12. Curfew: It is strictly forbidden to move individuals across the state between 10 pm and 5 pm, except for basic activities, including multiple shifts of industrial units, and movement of national and regional personnel and goods.
National highways, after getting off from buses, trains and planes, the loading and unloading of goods and the travel of people to the destination. Local authorities should issue orders within their jurisdiction in accordance with their appropriate legal provisions (e.g. CrPC Article 144) and ensure strict compliance.


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