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After the girl accused of rape, the Prayagraj police filed a case against the BJP leader and doctor

Prayagraj: Prayagraj police registered a case on Wednesday (September 16, 2020) against a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and a doctor who raped a female BA student in Prayagraj.

The complaint has been submitted to Colonelganj Police Station, and investigations into DPP leaders Shyam Prakash Dwivedi and Dr. Anil Dwivedi have begun. According to reports, the police also conducted a medical examination on the girl during the incident, which can be traced back to 2019.

According to SP City Dinesh Kumar Singh, the victim’s magistrate’s statement will be accepted soon and the defendant can only be arrested after a preliminary investigation.

The complainant stated that the defendant had met her under the pretext of selling the land in Pratapgarh. According to the girl, both defendants had a strong physical relationship with her and threatened that if she reported the incident, they would kill her and her family. She accused the two defendants of raping her in a hotel, and they also forcibly entered her house and raped her in March.

Shyam Prakash Dwivedi said he was innocent and called it a political conspiracy. He said that he participated in a movement to prevent religious conversion, which is why he was framed.

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The accused leader is one of the most influential leaders of the “Sangam” city and is currently the Kashgar regional vice president of the People’s Party Yuva Morcha. His father Ramraksha Dwivedi is also the regional president of BJP in Prayagraj.

Shyam owns his own hotel and runs other businesses. The leader also took photos with social media Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath and other well-known party leaders on social media.

According to the report, Dr. Anil Dwivedi, a partner of Shyam, runs a private hospital in the Sohbatiabagh district of the city. According to reports, the hospital has been closed in the past few days.


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