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The Economic Times said that during a summit between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi in October, India will sign an agreement with Russia to purchase four frigates for the Indian Navy.

According to the report, this agreement is likely to be worth $ 2.2 billion, resulting in India getting four project 11356 or advanced sword-grade frigates. Two of these warships will be built by the shipyard located in Goa.

Since the shipyard will need new infrastructure to make these frigates, the cost of Indian made people is likely to be 30-50% more than direct acquisition from Russia, it has been said in the daily report.

In the United States, the Donald Trump Administration has decided to ban weapons from Moscow, still the deal is likely to be signed. Most likely that India will get a discount from the US. However, according to Reuters, Pentagon's top Asia official Randal Shriver has said that if India signs this agreement, then America can not guarantee exemption from sanctions.

India has explained on its part that its defense relations with Russia can not be cut because a large part of its equipment is Russian or Soviet origin. About 60 percent of India's defense imports come from Russia. However, over the last decade, India has diversified its sources of defense equipment to include the US. India has signed several multi-billion deal with US-based firms. In numbers, India-US defense trade has increased from zero to $ 15 billion.

Despite the threat of sanctions from the US, the Narendra Modi government will go ahead with a deal to purchase the S-400 Triumph Air Defense System from Russia. However, it is not clear whether multi-billion deal will be signed by the two countries in October or later.