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Indians want to ask themselves ,how our mother has given birth to this kind of Mother rapists!
My blood boils you guys & hope same you may feel also.
I am really ashamed to say that we still have this kind of basterds who can pimp their own Motherland. Shame on them. Such kind should be send to the gallows at the earliest to save our land Bharath.
An youth engineer of BrahMos Aerospace has been arrested for spilling data to Pakistan.

He was associated with pak ,US intelligence & having passed specialized data identified with the rocket tech to Pakistan and US intelligence offices.

The designer (in his mid-twenties) was recognized as Nishant Agrawal and was working with the association throughout the previous four years. He is arrested for passing specialized data identified with rocket innovation to Pakistani and US intelligence organizations.

The operation in Nagpur is a follow-up of the capture of 3 people which involve an ISI operatorof pak and 2 DRDO workers in Kanpur.
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Hi Arif hats off to you for highlighting this News!

You are absolutely right in saying when people of this kind treat their own country in this manner, how can we expect they take care of their own mothers.
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Its shocking that BrahMos Aerospace Indian engineer held for leaking Data
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Its really shocking guys. I urge the related authorities to be more careful & keep the defense premises more secure than before.